Coupart ©

Coupart © is an original abstract painting method inspired by the great, Jackson Pollock.  Instead of dripping paint, "X" uses small and medium explosive charges to cast the Acrylic paint onto the 16" x 20" canvases.  You never know what you will get and it's absolutely impossible to duplicate the originals. This exclusive, one-of-a-kind collection will never be made into prints and only sold on a limited basis. One of the desirable traits is the occasional canvas penetration from the charges. These are most often minor, and at times, excessive; a key to the art's authenticity and proof of concept.
​ (This form of art is extremely dangerous and should never be practiced unless by trained professionals.  If you are traveling by air, keep in mind while transporting one of my paintings, that pyro residue may be imbedded into the artwork. Just let TSA know ahead of time. )

There will only be 100 pieces of Coupart ©, ever!  Most art values are determined by not only the content, but the numbers available. Generally, the artist has to pass away for the art value to increase. I am creating a new concept of art marketing that accomplishes the same result, however, I don't have to expire for the values to increase; at least not yet. After completing the 100th painting, I will never create another Coupart © painting again; ever! This artwork, exclusive due to the unusual style, will become a limited collection with no potential for expansion. When number 100 is completed, that's it; period! I expect to complete the collection by the end of 2018, or sooner if something happens. Keep in mind that this is an extremely dangerous method of painting, not recommended for anybody not licensed or experienced in pyro. All of the paintings will be valued concurrently, based on the posted amount. As time goes on, the values will increase. 

Again, don't attempt this on your own!  

There will only be 100 Coupart © paintings and that is it, forever! 
Own one of these unique pieces of art while available.  The individual creations will be labeled accordingly when sold.  

Percent of completion until Coupart © finish.


Current value and purchase price of each painting.


Art Gallery

#1 Peace Offering

Very first painting.

#2 Alien Invasion

#3 Spacex

#4 Galaxy Exploration

#5 Prehistoric Energy

#6 GW 2017

#7 X

#8 Breakaway

#9 Sea Circus

#10 Pegasus

#11 Haywire

#12 Vapor

#13 2Much

Note the gaping hole in the canvass caused by an excessive charge. 

 It happens!

#14 Shrimp

#15 Serenity Reef

#16 Spartan Revenge

#17 War & Peace

#18 Spirits Mingle

#19 Psyclone

#20 Melting

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