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Episode 1

Mission Kentucky

Click on the red Kentucky outline to see the 5:51 minute video on my results. 

Mission Kentucky


Though loaded with some of the most pristine scenery and rich culture in our country, much of Kentucky's rural landscape is often forgotten or overlooked.   X aims to explore these  regions of our country to tell their story and find out what makes these soulful inhabitants tick.  Anything is on the table.  ​With the high incidences of tragedies, political divide, stress and violence present in the United States at this time, X is on the hunt to find cultures within our country that defy these shortcomings.  Is it possible to be insulated from our country's problems?  Are there advantages to this disengagement?  Can they sustain this path?  These and many more questions drive X to go digging.  Who knows?  Maybe they want to keep it a secret, or perhaps some would like to tell their story in the hopes we can learn from them!  Maybe we will be surprised with something completely different; just never know!  Kentucky, here we come!  PS  We chose this mission first with the hopes of avoiding heavy winter weather associated with the Western United States missions.   

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