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request a journalistic investigation

If you have an interesting story or situation you would like to be considered, contact X by email, text or by filling out the "Contact" section on the bottom of the home page.  Just remember, any cases X takes on, most likely will be aired or broadcast on the Reel Incredible Show.  

If you would like to remain anonymous,  just mail the information regarding the subject matter to the post office box listed on the bottom of the home page.  Make sure you either leave the return address section on the envelope blank or use the Reel Incredible's address.  If there is a way for X to contact you back by mail, indicate so or provide some other way to reach you.  You may use an alias name.

If this is not possible, you can go to:

Answer the ad with (X2U) in the response. X will then communicate back with further instructions. This method will protect your identity from X and others.