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Operation Night X

"NEW"  There have been sightings of strange objects and lights in the Greater Traverse City area. Maybe you have heard the recent chatter on the mainstream news networks about our government admitting to investing millions of dollars into UFO research. The program, titled, Advance Aviation Threat Identification, came into existence with the significant help of Senator Harry Reid.  

The program provided details and actual recorded radar and video images of crafts unlike anything we have ever seen before. These were primarily taken by government officials, intelligence personnel and military pilots. Pretty hard to dispute these claims at this level.

We won't go into great detail on this admission of our government, who by all standards, has always denied these events. They even go on to say that the program was closed down in 2012. Do you believe that? We don't. 

This is where Reel Incredible comes in.  X will be investigating the potential of what they call, Anomalous Aircraft, UAP's (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) and by the pilots' own term, Unclears. We have always labeled them UFO's. Of course, that term has been downplayed for decades.  

None the less, here we go. X will be heading out into the darkness of night across the country with specialized infrared cameras, capable of broadcasting live in an effort to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, once and for all. Most people are skeptical, so going LIVE and in real-time is the only way to  dispel the skepticism, if in fact we see something. You can't edit and alter LIVE!

X will be out during the night very soon (Early May 2018) investigating the strange  lights, orbs and oddities recently spotted in the Traverse City region, armed with extensive Infrared technology and night-vision cameras. At every opportunity, X will be broadcasting LIVE! Check out the Live Streaming option on this site to stay in the know!

We'll be on this as long as it takes.  Stay tuned to our Live Streaming of Operation Night X.



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Operation Skinwalker


We will be heading to Uintah County in the great state of Utah.  X will be taking a serious look into the myths or not-so-mythical events in the vicinity of the Skinwalker Ranch.  For those not familiar, there have been numerous sightings of UFO's, strange looking beasts and very odd occurrences there over many years.  Some say the area is a portal to the unknown. Though now a restricted area, (Hmmm, makes you think.)  X will explore areas in the remote desert surrounding, mostly at night, utilizing high-resolution night vision cameras coupled with a wide spectrum of infrared lighting to include 920 nanometer wave length beams.  

 After consulting experts in this field, he was assured that he would be able to see things through the camera not visible to the naked human eye.  Best of all.  X will be broadcasting LIVE when a favorable signal is available.  Okay folks.  That means no editing and in REAL TIME!  Maybe we should say, in REEL TIME!  You never know what you're going to see, good or bad!  "Some ask me if I will be armed on this expedition," says X.  " I tell them yes, for sure.  Live broadcasting is my weapon of choice."   Follow along on this great adventure! 

Operation Gold Rush


There is a NEW gold rush happening right now. The flood waters in Northern California have uncovered new veins of gold in the river bottoms.   

X will be traveling across the country in pursuit of the yellow stuff.  Instead of traveling by way of horse as was the case in 1849,  he will be making the journey in Unit X, town by town until reaching Northern California. It's about the journey as much as the gold panning itself. What stories will be uncovered on the way?  All equipment is purchased and cameras ready. Who knows? Maybe he will strike it rich!