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Mark Eiden, aka “X”, a stuntman, filmmaker and professional investigator, takes you into incredible and unusual places in this docu-style reality series. The show’s mantra is, no scripts, no staging, no actors and a heavy dose of realism, bringing back the long-lost feel of a true reality show; a raw and true-grit experience.

What is the show about? Absolutely ANYTHING! There is NO topic off the table as X travels across the country and at times out of the USA. That’s it! Any topic, anywhere! The show promises real (REEL) action, adventure and drama. We don’t always choose the topic, sometimes it chooses us or perhaps it's your idea.

One thing you will find quite different on this reality show, is the lack of crew members present during filming.  Most often, X will be alone in the process, charged with running the cameras while taking on the show content; a lone wolf approach, you might say.

Here’s the deal.  X will take on a story or event with the hopes of finding the truth. “I leave my own opinions, bias and beliefs out of the investigation, relying instead, on facts and the obvious. In other words. No false news, agendas or pressures from outlets to produce a particular result. We report and you decide,” says X. “In fact, if we dig into a topic and find little to nothing, that’s it- end of story, and we'll tell you so.  I can assure you that I will not fill up an episode with fluff or misguided truths just to create content,” he continues. “This is what sets Reel Incredible apart from other shows. Think about it. Have you ever watched other shows, stuffed with filler, commercial breaks and coverage taken out of context? I know I have. This is what happens when you have to fill a defined time slot. Not here!  In fact, if you have something that you would like investigated or covered, just text me or send me a message from our website.  I can't promise we will check it out, but we'll give it consideration. This out-of-the-box format may seem strange, but it is the only way to preserve real and unfiltered content,” says X.

Another twist. X will be live streaming often during the process of putting a show together. You can’t fake LIVE!

Come check out the REAL reality show; “Reel Incredible.”

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Member of the United States Press Agency