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"X", a filmmaker, stuntman and professional investigator, is the producer of Reel Incredible. He is taking his lifelong experiences in these fields and putting them to use in this LIVE reality show. 

X will investigate almost any subject, not limiting himself to any particular category. His specialty is whistle-blower cases, the crazier or most unbelievable, the better.

Here's how it works.  When X receives a request to investigate something unusual, comes across a subject on his own or hears about some interesting breaking news, he packs up the gear and jumps on the case.  He is equipped with live-broadcast cameras, all capable of shooting in complete darkness using infrared technology.  Whether it's local to his Midwest base or a plane ride to a distant region, X travels light, often alone. This enables him to  investigate a subject with a higher degree of stealthiness without a large crew in tow. Next, he accesses the situation and if possible, begins broadcasting live to Periscope. See, you can't fake LIVE. This removes any suspicion of alterations or doctoring up footage for the sake of entertainment. At the same time, X will be recording the content for future use in the event the need arises. If the subject matter has enough legs and he feels it is worthy of a full documentary,  X will defer it to his film company, 45th Parallel Productions, in addition to the live broadcast.

All you have to do is click on the "Live Streaming"  button to tune in. The best thing is to log in and choose the  option to be notified when X goes live. 

Contact X if you have something you would like checked out.


Live Streaming

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Live Streaming

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Member of the United States Press Agency