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"X", a stuntman, filmmaker and professional investigator, takes you into incredible and unusual places in this docu-style reality series.  The show's mantra is, no scripts, no staging, no actors and a heavy dose of realism, bringing back the long-lost feel of a true reality show; a raw and true-grit experience. 

One thing you will find quite different on this reality show is, the the lack of a large crew present during the filming.  Most often, X will be alone in the process, charged with running the cameras while taking on the show content; a lone wolf approach, you might say.

X will take on a story, an unusual event or investigation, solely to find out the truths, leaving  his own opinions, bias and beliefs out of the process, instead, relying on the facts.  He leaves that up to the viewers to decide and can assure you that if there is nothing there, he won't create or fabricate content just for entertainment value. 

How does this happen?  Reel Incredible utilizes broadcast quality cameras, drones and action cams, most capable of shooting in the dark with infrared, allowing X to capture material in almost any situation.  The cameras are also equipped to shoot LIVE BROADCAST.  This is key in certain situations where the subject of the investigation may seem unbelievable.  You can't fake LIVE.

X wants to eliminate any suspicion of altered content, especially in this day and age of incredible CG capabilities. 

The Reel Incredible Show is a fluid and ever evolving entity,  not locked into any one particular genre or category.  That's the beauty.  There is no subject X won't consider.  The show's content may consist of something he discovers, or more often, a topic somebody contacts him about; an interactive operation.

X has also set up a protocol for individuals who would like to have something investigated, yet remain anonymous to him and the show throughout the entire production, all the way to the final broadcast.  There are many instances where a whistle blower would like to come forward and get the word out, but doesn't want to risk the repercussions.  That's X's job!

At the present, you can watch Reel Incredible online.  Just click on the episode links or the Live Streaming buttons.  When you go to the Live Streaming  link, you can also register to get notifications when X is going LIVE.

If you have a subject you would like investigated and aired, just text X or go to the Contact section and fill out a request.  No guarantees, but X will at the least consider the case. 

In some cases where the topic is quite involved, it may be more suited to become a full documentary. In this case, the mother company, 45th Parallel Productions, LLC, will get involved in the production. 

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Member of the United States Press Agency