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Mark Eiden, A/K/A  "X", a filmmaker, stuntman, professional investigator and artist, is the producer of Reel Incredible. He is taking his lifelong experiences in these fields, putting them to use for the show in a recorded and LIVE format. 

Investigating almost any subject without limits, the field investigators will infiltrate areas usually not covered.  At their disposal is a wide range of equipment including; professional grade broadcast cameras with night vision capabilities, body cams with night vision, drone technology and more. Most all of the camera equipment has Live Broadcast technology. 

The recorded shows, called "Operations" will be archived on this site as well as accessibility to watching the content Live Stream when possible. Sometimes Live Streaming is not possible, especially in very remote regions and when the content dictates so. The length of the shows and broadcasts vary anywhere from just minutes to in some cases, an hour or so. Networked shows typically have to fit into rigid time constraints. That's not how we  roll. If a subject has enough interesting elements to it, why not keep rolling. On the other hand, if it has a limited amount of pertinent content, we go short.

Why LIVE STREAM? With today's technology, it is possible to create what looks like legitimate content, but in fact, is manipulated video with the use of advanced artificial intelligence. A prime example is the video of former President Nixon delivering a speech eulogizing the Apollo 11 astronauts who were destined to land on the moon. Actually, as history tells, they were successful, however Nixon had a prepared speech in the event there was a mishap and were unsuccessful. He never gave that speech, or did he? With the use of AI video manipulation and respeecher technology, MIT was able to create the Nixon speech as if it really happened. You can see the speech he never delivered online. That brings us to the key point. How do you know if what you're seeing on TV or online is real? You can't fake LIVE, whether it is broadcasted on TV or some form of online social media format. We incorporate LIVE every chance we can in an effort to prove the validity of the content. Even when we produce recorded and edited content, we plan to pair it with the LIVE version.

All you have to do is click on the "Live Streaming"  button to tune in. The best thing is to log in and choose the  option to be notified when we go live. 

Contact X if you have something you would like checked out.

When we come across content that requires extensive coverage, Reel Incredible will defer it to 45th Parallel Productions, LLC, a sister company who specializes in full-production projects.


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